Tuesday, 2 April 2019

B17 as an Alternative to Cancer Treatment Worldwide

Cancer sightings are getting quite common worldwide and the treatments are also being made possible quite effectively. Our online portal about cancer research, The Keys to Cancer claims that there has been no cure for it yet as it is said to be caused due to several potential factors and is defined as distinctive from individuals to individuals. And most cancer patients are found with such a combination of these unknown factors that aren’t possible for a diagnosis. And experts have found several methods to reduce the effects of cancer but haven’t been able to get a cure from it.  One such is B17. B17 and cancer treatment have been a controversy for a long time. So, let’s look into the matter in details.

B17 is or “amygdalin” as it is commonly known as, is a naturally occurring substance found in raw nuts like apricots or almonds and clover, lima beans and sorghum. B17 cancer treatment has been quite popular for a long time. Our experts from ‘The Keys to Cancer’ portal says that concentrated amygdalin upon being purified, called ‘Laetrile’ is used in cancer treatment. The role of B17 in cancer-fighting is quite complex but to brief about it, the B17 creates an environment where the cancer cells are being destroyed. This is basically due to the emission of certain enzymes from the cancer cells that results in its self-destruction due to B17 effects.

Our experts from ‘The Keys To Cancer’ explains about the B17’s working principles. The method involves revolving around the cancer cells. Amygdalin consists of substances like benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide that are toxic in nature. Normal cells contain Rhodanese which are enzymes that helps to convert benzaldehyde and HCN into useful proteins and Vit. B-12 whereas cancer cells contain beta-glucosidase instead of Rhodanese and hence unable to convert the toxic substances into poison and thereby gets destroyed. 

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